Michigan Barber School Consumer Disclosure

Barber-Stylist Program

  • Program Length: 13 months (full-time)  Institutional Charges: Select “TUITION & FEES” on page 5.

  • SOC Code: 39-5011.00 (Barbers)

  • For Information go to O*Net OnLine

  • Award Year 2013-2014 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014)

  • On-Time Graduation Rate: 26%***

  • Placement Rate: 56%

  • Median Federal Student Loan Debt for Graduate in the Award Year: $0

  • Median Private Student Loan Debt Graduates in the Award Year: $0

Median Institutional Finance Plan Debt for Graduates in the Award Year: $0


***This percentage is for full-time/on-time students in each program and does not include the following graduates: part-timers; re-admits; student who complete beyond 13mos from the Barber-Stylist Program but within the 150% maximum timeframe. For statistics for all programs, see chart below: